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Male Cream Exotic Shorthair

AreALand's Four Elements (Eli) Pedigree click here

Cream and White Exotic  Eli is Retired

Sire: CH. AreALand's Mister Irreplaceable

Dam: CH. Mint Hill Melody Of AreALand

Male Cream Tabby Persain
CH. Castingcrown Kristroff of AreALand  Pedigree click here
Cream Classic Tabby Persain
Sire: GR.CH. Boberan Lucky Strike Of Vonn-Bliss
Dam: CH. Coppurrkatz Nina Of Castingcrown
AreALand's Onward Pedigree click here
Black & White Longhaired Exotic
Sire: AreALand's Four Elements
Dam:Tallisman Kisses of AreALand
blue velvet.jpg

SoftSteps Blue Velvet

Odd Eyes Blue and White Van Persian

Owners Gil Arellanes, Cheryl Lima, Klalid Saad

Imported from Saudi Arabia

Keeper from Chanan Photography VB16_498m
CH . AreALand's Best Kept Secret (Keeper) Pedigree Click here     
Blue Classic Tabby Exotic Retired
Sire: CH. Castingcrown Kristoff of AreALand
Dam: Caravan Sweet Sugarplum of AreAland
19-01-19 Gil Arellanes - Cody-5.JPG

AreALand's Coat of Arms at 4 Months olds NFS Pedigree Click here


Blue Classic Tabby and White Exotic

Sire: CH. AreALand's Best Kept Secret

Dam: CH. AreALand's Breathe Again

Boomer   one    VJ26_773.JPG
Boomer two VJ26_766.JPG

AreALand's Boomer
Brown Classic Tabby and White Exotic
5 months old
Sire: CH AreALand's Best Kept Secret
Dam: Tallisman Kisses of AreALand