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Male Cream Exotic Shorthair

AreALand's Four Elements (Eli) Pedigree click here

Cream and White Exotic  Eli is Retired

Sire: CH. AreALand's Mister Irreplaceable

Dam: CH. Mint Hill Melody Of AreALand

Male Cream Tabby Persain
CH. Castingcrown Kristroff of AreALand  Pedigree click here
Cream Classic Tabby Persain
Sire: GR.CH. Boberan Lucky Strike Of Vonn-Bliss
Dam: CH. Coppurrkatz Nina Of Castingcrown
AreALand's Onward Pedigree click here
Black & White Longhaired Exotic
Sire: AreALand's Four Elements
Dam:Tallisman Kisses of AreALand

SoftSteps Blue Velvet

Odd Eyes Blue and White Van Persian

Owners Gil Arellanes, Cheryl Lima, Klalid Saad

Imported from Saudi Arabia

CH . AreALand's Best Kept Secret (Keeper) Pedigree Click here     
Blue Classic Tabby Exotic Retired
Sire: CH. Castingcrown Kristoff of AreALand
Dam: Caravan Sweet Sugarplum of AreAland

AreALand's Coat of Arms at 4 Months olds NFS Pedigree Click here


Blue Classic Tabby and White Exotic

Sire: CH. AreALand's Best Kept Secret

Dam: CH. AreALand's Breathe Again

AreALand's Boomer
Brown Classic Tabby and White Exotic
5 months old
Sire: CH AreALand's Best Kept Secret
Dam: Tallisman Kisses of AreALand



Exotics & Persians


Exotics & Persians

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