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Calico Persain
Go-Teekatz, Bleningstar's, D'Eden Lover, Rhamjoge pedigree
Tallisman Kisses of AreAland  Peidigree Click Here
Kisses will retired late 2020
Calico Van Persian
Sire: CH Babybest Cat Red Sky
Dam: Tallisman Lovely Anastasiya
Kisses has produced two C.F.A. Grand Champions and one is a C.F.A. Region Winner.
Kissie was born in Russia.
19-01-19 Gil Arellanes - Bree-9 1.jpg
CH. AreALand's Breathe Again Pedigree Click Here
Calico Bicolor Exoitc Retired
Sire: AreALand's Four Elements
Dam: Tallisman Kisses of AreALand
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Jadeite Dynasty  of AreALand
I would  like to Thank Jade Liu for this Beautiful Blue and White tabby exotic from China.
Countress from Shannon Photography 2.JPG

AreALand's Countess Just turned 5 months old Pedigree Click here

(Connie) Retired

Blue Mackerel Tabby  Exotic

Sire: CH. AreALand's Best Kept Secret

Dam: CH. AreALand's Breathe Again

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last one pb.jpg

CH. Bella Amore Pure Beauty Of AreALand

Pedigree Clicke here


Brown Tabby & White Van Persian

Sire: GC Mr. Whiskers Crocodile Rock

Dam: GC. CH. RW. Bella Amore Mama Mia

PhoeBe carries the Blue Eyed / Odd Eyed Bicolor gene.

GC. CH. RW.Bella Amore Mama Mia  dam is Tallisman Kisses of AreALand. See her  pictures on the  top of this page. 

Thank you Cheryl and Rob Lima of Bella Amore Cattery

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cami one.jpg

Brown Patched Tabby and White Persian

7 Months Old 

Sire:  CH. Castingcrown Kristoff of AreALand

Dam: Tallisman Kisses of AreALand


Exotics & Persians


Exotics & Persians